Travelstart+ Launches to Redefine Premium Travel Planning

Travelstart+ Launches to Redefine Premium Travel Planning

Travelstart+, dubbed ‘the future of travel planning,’ has officially landed, promising a seamless and luxurious journey for travellers worldwide. Unveiled during a captivating launch event at Innovation City, the Travelstart+ Connect brought together renowned travel and lifestyle creators to celebrate this groundbreaking innovation.

With promises of exclusive deals, 24/7 concierge services, and access to Africa’s first AI travel assistant, Travelstart+ sets a new standard in premium travel planning, brought to you by global traveltech company Travelstart.

Mikha’il Ernest, Chief Commercial Officer of Travelstart, expressed his excitement about the launch, emphasising the value Travelstart+ brings to travellers. “What started as an idea before Covid is now finally in the hands of our customers,” he shared. “We’re extremely excited about the value Travelstart+ will bring to our travellers, and we can’t wait for them to try it!”

Key features of Travelstart+ include:

1. Exclusive Deals: Early subscribers have already enjoyed up to 50% off on domestic flights, ensuring affordable yet luxurious travel experiences.

2. 24/7 Concierge: With round-the-clock assistance, travellers can receive help with bookings, recommendations for vegan restaurants, or any other travel-related queries.

3. R5000 Travel Vouchers: Subscribers receive travel vouchers worth R5000, divided into international/domestic flights and hotel accommodations, enhancing the affordability of premium travel.

4. Early Access to Promotions: Subscribers get priority access to flight and hotel deals, ensuring they never miss out on exclusive offers.

5. AI Travel Assistant: Access to Africa’s first AI travel assistant simplifies travel planning, providing personalised recommendations and real-time updates.

6. Referral Program: Influencers can now monetize their influence through Travelstart+’s referral program, earning cash rewards for sharing unique links.

7. One-stop Travel Shop: Travelstart+ serves as a comprehensive travel hub, offering everything from exclusive deals to concierge services, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience.

8. Exclusive Bonus: In collaboration with PK’s List, a renowned collection of luxury hotels worldwide, subscribers to Travelstart+ receive a complimentary PK’s List membership valued at over R10,000, granting them access to upgrades at a curated selection of luxury hotels around the globe.

PK’s List – Subjective Travel Intelligence™ stands out for its meticulous vetting process, ensuring that every hotel meets the highest standards of luxury and excellence. With this partnership, Travelstart+ subscribers gain access to a wealth of insider knowledge and personalised recommendations, akin to having their own personal travel advisor in their pocket.

By integrating this exclusive feature into Travelstart+, the platform reinforces its commitment to providing premium travel experiences that exceed expectations.

During the launch, Matthew Samson of Revelation Beats added an extra layer of excitement with their contribution to the Travelstart+ experience by unveiling the captivating jingle for the new logo.

With expertise in sound design and branding, Samson explained the significance of sonic branding in enhancing brand identity and creating memorable experiences. By associating specific sounds with the Travelstart+ brand, they aim to deepen the connection between travellers and the platform, making every interaction with Travelstart+ a memorable one.

With a focus on trust, convenience, and authentic experiences, Travelstart+ emerges as the newest, coolest commodity in travel. Influencers such as Iana Strydom, Vernon and Simóne, Neo Mokoena, Cassidy Nicholson and Tebogo Kgethe all expressed enthusiasm for Travelstart+, emphasising its affordability, convenience, and ability to unlock unique travel experiences.

Travelstart+ is not just about travelling; it’s about owning your own time, exploring the world on your terms, and creating memories that last a lifetime. With its array of benefits, intuitive features, and commitment to excellence, Travelstart+ is set to revolutionise the way we plan and experience travel.

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