sens Appoints Mike Abel as Non-Exec Chairman to Lead Innovation in Market Research

sens Expands Leadership Team

In a groundbreaking move, Innovation City member sens, the innovative market research AI-powered company headquartered in Ireland, has appointed Mike Abel as its Non-Executive Chairman. Abel, a distinguished global executive and advertising industry leader and founder of M&C Saatchi Abel, brings a wealth of experience and a global perspective to sens as it continues to redefine the market research landscape through science and AI.

Market Research Through Innovation

Founded in 2021, sens has experienced phenomenal growth at an astonishing rate of 300% year on year. Co-founded by Per Lagerstrom and Jacqui Young, the company operates in the EMEA region and Australia, and is fast expanding globally. Noteworthy is the fact that sens has successfully attracted blue-chip clients, including Adcock Ingram, Metropolitan, Pepkor, Discovery Health, Zella DC, and Takealot, demonstrating its broad appeal to businesses seeking actionable insights.

The core of sens’s descriptive approach lies in merging behavioural science and technology, a methodology referred to as BehaviorTech. This approach, founded in deep science, utilises sensors to capture a spectrum of emotions, personality traits, physiology, and context. The result is a comprehensive understanding of consumers that goes beyond traditional research methods.

Game-Changing Leadership Team Expansion

The appointment of Mike Abel as Non-Executive Chairman is a strategic move for sens as it enters the next phase of growth. Abel, currently the Executive Chairman of M&C Saatchi Group South Africa, brings vision, innovation, and a global network to the table. This move is complemented by the addition of Steven Nathan, a highly successful businessman and 10X Founder, as Non-Executive Director. Together, they form a powerhouse team poised to lead sens to new heights in the market research space.

Per Lagerstrom, co-founder of sens, emphasises that while the term “disruption” often implies aggression, sens aims to uplift and enrich the industry. Lagerstrom states, “We are equipping professionals, marketeers, and businesspeople with much better data than ever before, to make much more informed and accurate decisions than they have ever made.”

An Evolutionary Proposition for Businesses

sens solves critical industry problems by enabling companies to better understand their customers and giving consumers a better voice. By marrying market research industry expertise with behavioural science and technology, sens delivers insights that are not only informed by science but also expressed through AI and technology.

The industry is currently marked by high costs, unreliability, and long lead times. sens aims to provide market research at a quarter of the current cost, with a quarter of the lead time, and ten times the data quality. The incorporation of validated scientific frameworks, machine learning, and AI techniques ensures the reliability and accuracy of sens’s AI-powered insights.

Mike Abel believes that sens’s solutions will be a turning point for the industry, stating, “Performing mass qualitative research using technology is a compelling proposition because it speaks to a more cost-effective model, far shorter lead times, a higher level of accuracy, and the ability to scale.”

Global Impact and Future Growth

Abel’s appointment as Non-Executive Chairman signifies sens’s global ambitions. The company is set to create a ripple effect in the industry with potential far-reaching implications. The innovative use of BehaviorTech positions sens as a true industry disruptor, offering cost-effective solutions, superior data quality, and a more informed approach to decision-making.

As sens embarks on this new phase of growth with an enhanced leadership team, the industry can anticipate groundbreaking developments that will reshape the future of market research.

Mike Abel, Per Lagerstrom and the sens team will be coming to the Digital Mastery Summit: The Future of Marketinghappening at Innovation City on February 22nd. Come and meet the people changing the game in market research!