Top Three Tips to Pique an Investor’s Interest: Insights from Zach George of Launch Africa Ventures

With a wealth of experience and a keen eye for promising startups, Launch Africa Ventures co-managing partner Zachariah George shares his top three tips to help startups capture investors’ attention and secure funding.

Watch Zach’s video here.

1. Confidence in Unit Economics:

Zach’s first piece of advice centres on the fundamental understanding of a startup’s product or service and its unit economics. Startups must be crystal clear about how their business model minimises the cost of customer acquisition while optimising customer lifetime value. In essence, it’s about making your revenue as sticky as possible. For consumer-facing businesses, this means exploring strategies to forge partnerships with distributors and ensuring that every customer adds substantial value to your bottom line. Confidence in these unit economics is key when pitching to investors, as it demonstrates your deep understanding of the market and your path to sustainable growth.

2. Know Your Market and Competitors:

The second tip emphasises the importance of thorough market research. Beyond identifying direct competitors, startups should keep a watchful eye on both indirect competitors and potential future threats from suppliers or clients who could pivot into competition. Savvy founders are well-versed in industry margins, key metrics, and emerging trends. They are not confined to their product or service but have a broader awareness of the market landscape. Understanding the impact of disruptive technologies, such as generative AI or blockchain, is essential to anticipate industry shifts and maintain a competitive edge.

3. Align with VC Mandate and Portfolio Synergies:

The third tip takes a more unconventional approach. Zach encourages founders to delve into the specifics of each VC’s mandate and strategy. Researching a VC’s current portfolio companies and identifying opportunities for collaboration and synergy can be a game-changer. Startups that can articulate how they can provide value not only to the VC but also to their portfolio companies pique investors’ curiosity and interest. This broader perspective showcases your strategic thinking and demonstrates your potential to contribute to a thriving ecosystem.

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Zach’s insights resonate deeply with startups seeking investment opportunities. As a startup, mastering these key principles can significantly enhance your chances of attracting investors who share your vision.

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