What the Pitch?! All You Need to Know About Our Business Speed Dating Event

Innovation City’s eagerly awaited ‘Tinder for Business’ Speed Dating event is back and happening on Thursday, October 26th, 2023 from 4pm until 7pm, hosted at our exceptional venue.

Who Should Apply?

If you are part of South Africa’s vibrant tech ecosystem, this event is tailored just for you. We welcome:

Startups: If you’re either a self-funded and profitable, Seed, Series A or Series B tech startup/scaleup, we give you the chance to sit in front of the right VCs, investors, funders, venture builders and corporates that could propel you and your company to the next level! Apply if you’re ready to showcase your innovation.

Scaleups: If your tech business is in the growth stage, this is your chance to make those strategic connections that can supercharge your journey to the next level.

Investors: We invite venture capitalists, angel investors, and those looking for exciting opportunities in the tech space. Apply if you’re seeking the next big thing in the South African business landscape.

Corporates: If you represent one of South Africa’s corporates, this event provides a unique platform to discover innovative tech solutions and potential collaborations. Join us to foster growth and innovation in Cape Town.

Application deadline:

Participating in the ‘Tinder for Business’ Speed Dating event is straightforward:

Startups: To apply as a startup, please fill out the simple form here. Entries for startups close on October 20th, 2022. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this game-changing event! Startups enter here.

Investors and Corporates: If you’re an investor or corporate representative looking to participate, please fill in this form here. We’re excited to have you on board! Investors enter here.

Once we’ve determined whether you fit the entry requirements, you will get a confirmation mail and a payment link. Startups pay R250 to enter and investors/corporates pay R2500 per company. Innovation City members enter for free.

Once you’re in, here’s what you need to know:

Matching Magic: We match startups and investors based on their business journey stage and the tech category specified in the filled out entry forms.

Early Arrival: Please arrive promptly by latest 3:30pm for registration. You’ll receive a digital list of your startup ‘dates’ and be directed to your first station.

Pitching Ease: A maximum of two reps from each startup are allowed to pitch .

Speed Dating Essentials: When the speed dating commences, each startup will have precisely 4 minutes to pitch at an investor station. A huge timer on our screen will keep time. Afterward, they’ll move on to the next station.

Bring Your Startup Swag: Startups should bring business cards and brochures to leave with investors, ensuring you have tangible reminders of your connections. We do not give out any personal data during or outside of the event.

Networking Extravaganza: After the speed dating concludes, there will be a relaxed 45-minute networking session. Here, you can continue discussions or mingle with fellow attendees.

Exclusive Networking: Following the event, join us for an exclusive networking session.

Crafting the Perfect Pitch:

Here’s a helpful breakdown for structuring your 4-minute pitch to perfection:

  • Start with introducing yourself and highlighting your achievements concisely.
  • Describe your product/service, the problem it solves, and the technology you employ.
  • Identify your users/customers and briefly mention competitors.
  • Explain your business model and Go-To-Market strategy.
  • Showcase your team’s qualifications and experience.
  • Clearly state your ‘ask’—whether it’s funding, clients, talent, or partnerships.

Remember, energy and the right team member delivering the pitch are vital. Practice your pitch to optimize your 4 minutes!

Manage Expectations:

While we provide the platform, success is in your hands. Make the most of this opportunity!

Join us for a night of networking, pitching, and potential partnerships: Swipe right on success at Innovation City’s ‘Tinder for Business’ Speed Dating event!

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