Digital Divas The Interview – Vusi Vokwana

August 25th, 2023 will mark the first and inaugural Digital Divas Summit, a groundbreaking event that celebrates and empowers women in tech and business. We are thrilled to have Vusi Vokwana as one of our esteemed speakers, bringing her unique insights and experiences to the forefront. In preparation for this momentous occasion, we had the privilege of hosting Vusi in a captivating interview: Our very first episode of the “Digital Divas: The Interview” podcast.

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Vusi is a true trailblazer and disruptor, discussed her journey as a businesswoman, as a black woman in business, and her mission to break through oppressive financial exclusion barriers. With over two decades of experience, Vusi has been passionately pushing for change and challenging the status quo since the days of apartheid.

When asked about herself, Vusi shared the struggle of defining her identity. As a woman, she initially felt compelled to begin with: “I’m a mom,” she said with a smile. But she is so much more than that. She describes herself as a chameleon, continuously adapting and code-switching to thrive in various environments. Her ability to adjust and play different roles has been vital in her journey towards success.

Vusi is the founder of KASI CATALYST, a company focused on catalytic thinking and providing solutions to uplift township and rural entrepreneurs. The idea arose when Vusi found herself being ignored in a boardroom full of white men, despite being a specialist in her market. This experience led her to realize that she needed to create a consultancy firm to be taken seriously and make a significant impact.

Over the years, Kasi Catalyst evolved beyond its initial focus on retail and expanded to cater to diverse industries. Vusi’s ultimate goal is to change the narrative and create opportunities for economic growth and empowerment in underserved communities.

The interview delved into the challenges Vusi faced as a black woman in business and the importance of representation. She highlighted the systemic issues that black women encounter, including limited access to finance, recognition, and opportunities. However, she also emphasized the power of invisibility, where women can work strategically behind the scenes, learning and growing without attracting undue attention. This stealth approach allows women to rise and make an impact on their terms.

Regarding the South African market, Vusi shed light on the significant digital divide in the country. While much of the world is advancing to 5G and beyond, South Africa is still working on providing basic access to smartphones and 4G for its underserved communities. The lack of access to data and technology hinders progress and economic growth in these areas. Vusi firmly believes that bridging this divide through innovative solutions is crucial for the nation’s development.

Throughout the interview, Vusi stressed the importance of recognizing and celebrating female role models. While there are numerous phenomenal women achieving incredible feats, they often go unnoticed and underappreciated. Vusi challenged media houses to create platforms that genuinely celebrate and uplift women, especially those from diverse backgrounds, ensuring a more inclusive representation of achievements.

Vusi shared her excitement about being part of the Digital Divas Summit, standing alongside fellow black female leader Matsi Modise CEO of Furaha Afrika Holdings. The aim of their segment is to empower others and foster a sense of community while highlighting the importance of access, innovation, and financial inclusion.

As we eagerly await the Digital Divas Summit, this “Digital Divas: The Interview” episode serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of women in tech and business. Let us come together on August 25th to celebrate the achievements of women, uplift each other, and create a more inclusive and innovative future for all!

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