THE NEXT CHAPTER: The Future of Creative Entrepreneurship Re-Imagined

What does the future of Creativity and Entrepreneurship look like post-Covid? After enduring two years of an earth-shaking pandemic, where everything we thought we knew and held onto has been ripped from right under us, it’s time to ask the question: what comes next?

Napsta Collective (a creative consultancy) were the brainchild and organizers of this first of its kind experiential lifestyle seminar entitled ‘The Next Chapter,’ which brought top Creatives and great business minds together.

“As a Creative Entrepreneur myself who has walked the journey and experienced the challenges faced by most creatives, like money mismanagement, lack of business acumen, lack of access to funding, depression, and toxic work environments, I know how important an event like this is, and how it’s going to make a difference in the lives of so many young Creatives. Initiatives like these are much needed, especially after what a lot of Creatives have endured during the pandemic” said Napoleon ‘Napsta’ Masinga, Creative Director, Comedian & founder of Napsta Collective, who was also the MC & facilitator for the seminar event.

The Next Chapter broke all the conventions of a typical conference/seminar, as it gave Creative Entrepreneurs access to speakers, equipped them with practical business tools, through panel discussions, and highly informative and interactive breakaway sessions.

Added to that, Creatives also enjoyed some fun, live DJ’s, entertainment during the breakaway networking sessions, and exhibitions. The conference boasted 15 top, local and international speakers and panelists, who are subject matter experts and are respected in their fields.

Among the featured speakers were: From Sweden, Stephan Ekbergh (Founder of TravelStart & Innovation City), Alistair King (Founder & Creative Partner of King James Group), Kieno Kammies (Legendary Cape Talk radio host & Businessman), From the USA, Timothy Maurice Webster (Neuroscience, Author & Brand Coach), Daleen Totten (Researcher & Publisher of Natural Health), Arash Rezaei (Investor, Founder & Chairman of StartX), Ahmed Tilly (Chief Creative Officer at Number 10), Wendy Bergsteedt (Group Head of Marketing at Coronation), Mmusi Maimane (Political Leader & Philanthropist), Zareef Minty (Entrepreneur, Forbes 30 under 30), Michele Marrai (Founder of Forte Health), Zachariah George (Venture Capitalist), Candice Schultz (Attorney & Entrepreneur), Doug Mattheus (Professor of Marketing & Business Management), and many more.

The seminar was highly impactful and nothing short of fun and engaging; a place where attendees walked away with answers to questions, and a dose of inspiration and motivation to recharge and refuel them as they start the new year. Everyone walked away with a new perspective, fresh thinking and practical business tools as Creative Entrepreneurs which can be applied immediately in their respective fields. Attendees also had access to a new network of potential mentors, like-minded peers and
industry colleagues and business leads and access to potential investors.

The event was sponsored by DStv, Coronation Fund & Innovation City. When speaking to some of the sponsors, this is what they had to say:

“We want to make work that moves people into action. Making work that counts,
takes solid relationships with creatives, with trust and respect sitting at the core.”
Wendy Bergsteedt (Group Head of Marketing – Coronation)

“The pandemic has forced brands to relook their strategies. To reposition themselves. To embrace the NEW NEXT. Globally recognised as an innovator and trendsetter, MultiChoice has always had one foot in the NEW NEXT. We are committed to being ahead of the curve. To investing in – and creating the future by fostering and nurturing young thinkers, designers and creatives. And using the power of entertainment to enrich lives.” Sharon Skwambane (Trade Marketing Manager – MultiChoice)

“Innovation in its essence is centered around creativity, which in turn is liberated by the arts. This is why it’s essential for us at Innovation City to support and partner with creative industries” said Kieno Kammies and Stephan Ekbergh (Co-Founders of Innovation City)

The event was a roaring success which had a lot of impact on everyone who was present on the day.
(Credit: Napsta)