How Can A Sangoma Use NFTs? And Other Questions Answered!

If you had attended our event, you would have had your mind blown away by Brett Rogers, Culture Lead at HaveYouHeard and guest speaker Adam Romyn, CTO & co-founder of Momint who enthusiastically broke down what Non-Fungible Tokens are, what they can do, and how brilliantly amazing the future looks for everyone!

Some Snippets from the Event:

  • Momint is building the largest NFT marketplace in Africa
  • There will be a billion people using web3 by 2027
  • Momint wants to make creating NFTs super easy so they’ve developed an app on Instagram so you can create one FREE!
  • Environmental impact? Many have said bad blockchains have a negative impact on environmental safety efforts. But NFTs are actually LESS impactful than swiping your credit card.
  • Momint counteracts environmental impact by buying carbon credits.



  • Figure out what your personal goals are in investing in NFTs. 
  • Don’t buy for the sake of buying. 
  • Go step by step. Don’t dive in! Check the original location. Do your research!
  • Don’t spend $2million on the first go…


Some cool NFTs sold at auction:

  • Oliver Tambo’s spy pen – The spy pen gun believed to have been given as a gift to Tambo by the East Germans to help protect him from any would-be assassins, during the mid-1980s. 
  • Rhino Horn – A 3D Image of a real rhino horn
  • A coaching session with Bryan Habana
  • Coffee with the Mayor


The FUTURE is coming quickly and HARD!

Humans will essentially be able to start their own banks! NFTs open up opportunities for everyone to be able to generate an income. The potential of NFTs can help INCLUDE the whole world and change the system for the better. 

 Oh and about that Sangoma? Well, if you missed the event, we guess you’ll never know ; )